We’ve been talking a lot about creative commons and royalty free images lately, but what exactly does this mean? We’ve got the answers for you right here!

A couple of weeks ago, we launched the images platform here at Synchedin. It’s been an exciting time, loading up the site with high quality stock images for creators to use in their projects and on their sites. But, you may have some questions about what stock images are, and what the difference between creative commons (CC0) and royalty free images is.

Stock images work just like stock music. They are images that have been licensed, so you don’t have to pay for every time you use them. Depending on the license, you may be able to use them for free, or for a price. It’s important that you only use images that have been licensed accordingly, otherwise you could run into some copyright issues down the line.

Creative Commons Images

Creative commons images are free to use. There are a few variations of the creative commons license, depending on what the original copyright owner chooses. They may want their work to be used and credited in a certain way.

In Synchedin’s case, the free images are licensed under CC0. This means you don’t need to credit the original owner whenever you use the image, or do anything extra. Nice and simple.

Royalty Free Images

Just like royalty free music, royalty free images are photos and images that are literally free of royalty. What does this mean? It means you can use the image without having to pay further royalties to the original owner. There is a bit of confusion around the term “royalty free”. The presence of the word “free” causes many people to think it means it will not cost anything at all. This isn’t necessarily the case.

You don’t need to pay for each use with royalty free images, but you usually need to pay a one off fee or a subscription cost. When it comes to Synchedin, for just $3.99 per month, you can access the entire images catalogue and enjoy unlimited downloads. Once downloaded, the images are yours to use as many times as you like, for as long as you wish.

Sign up to Synchedin today, and find the perfect images to adorn your YouTube videos, brighten up your marketing campaigns, and beautify your websites!