If you’re looking for the sound of breathtaking scenery, we’ve got it. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is Distant Horizons (feat. Bea) by Sizzle Bird!

Our inaugural Synchedin Spotlight focussed on Sizzle Bird. As such a talented and prolific musician, it’s no surprise he’s in the spotlight once again.

Ot Moruno-Bird (AKA. Sizzle Bird) is a London based violinist with a background in classical music. As a self-releasing artist, he enjoys creative freedom, producing a variety of music. Sizzle Bird creates predominantly instrumental tracks, featuring an exciting blend of electronic drum beats and more classical instrumentation – from uplifting electronic bangers to more mellow, heartfelt songs. He gained success throughout the 2010s with Jaguar sponsoring the tracks “Leaves” for an ad campaign on SoundCloud.

Those of you with itchy feet and a serious case of wanderlust – listen with caution.

Distant Horizons (feat. Bea) is a mellow but almighty production that will unfailingly transport you to far-flung places. Atmospheric, twinkling synth fades in, quickly accompanied by an ethereal female vocal. Like a waking dream, each element that joins the mix is gentle in nature but powerful in effect.

An uplifting drive is delivered by way of the steady, shimmering electronic drums. All the while, layers of synth and vocals build and meld. A brief textural dip affords a moment of quietude, before we are plunged back into an aural pool of visceral euphoria.

Distant Horizons (feat. Bea) leaves you envisioning sweeping coastlines, open landscapes and verdant countryside. It’s the perfect royalty free travel music, ideal for adventure vlogs and holiday documenting. We’re constantly yearning for adventure, and Distant Horizons is the flawless soundtrack to our daydreams.

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