Sizzle Bird returns to dazzle listeners with his first single release of 2022 – the euphoric and exciting track City Lights.

Sizzle Bird is no stranger to the Synchedin Spotlight. City Lights makes this his 5th time being our top pick of the week – a new record, and for good reason! Also producing music under artist aliases Cloudy Cat, Shangbock and Little Dumpling, Sizzle Bird seamlessly combines classically trained violin expertise with silky smooth production qualities. Never falling to create emotive cinematic themes, we’re excited to dive into Sizzle Bird’s sublime new single.

City Lights begins with subtle but equally intriguing filtered synth plucks. It’s not long before Sizzle Bird’s masterful violin playing can be heard, adding depth to his music before we’re even 10 seconds in! He gives us more moments of ambient bliss before introducing an encapsulating piano motif.

A slick and well crafted groove then ties everything together perfectly. The motif glides effortlessly across the keys, as synth pads and Sizzle Bird’s signature violin playing compliment each passing moment with expert precision. Beautiful sound design in the form of pitch bending synth sounds, reminiscent of the sounds made by chillstep producer Blackmill, decorate the already luscious soundscape.

Sizzle Bird has a notable skill in introducing musical elements which work amazingly on their own, and with any combination of the other elements. This is especially noticeable in the bridge section of City Lights. The grooving, downtempo chillstep type drum beat works perfectly with the delightfully disjunct piano melodies. Sizzle Bird lets all the compositional elements sing together once more before letting the song conclude.

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