4 piece grungey punk rock band CPT. PRANG deliver their 2nd exciting new single Comfort Synthesised from their highly anticipated new album.

Falmouth foul mouths CPT. PRANG (pronounced Captain Prang) are a 4 piece punk rock band hailing from the South West of the UK. They met at Falmouth University in Cornwall all the way back in 2016, where they bonded over a shared love for big riffs. Shortly after, the band was formed.

A few years ago, CPT. PRANG generated a huge name for themselves in the local gig community and beyond. Now, they return with their first release in almost 4 years with their new singles Belly Of The Crows & Comfort Synthesised.

Known for their loud, rumbustious and often down right sweaty gigs, CPT. PRANG carved out a niche for themselves by blending influences from the likes of bands such as Black Flag, Minor Threat and Bad Brains with thought-provoking lyrical content covering themes such as politics, mental illness and addiction.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight begins with a solo guitar playing chords that would not sound out of place on a Nirvana album. Echoey yet catchy vocals by frontman Chris enter the mix, shortly followed by a driving drum pattern from tub thumper Jack.

As Chris delivers haunting lyrics of “all my friends are dead, now comfort synthesised”, the band cease for a short moment…making the signature CPT. PRANG style chorus to follow even more devastating. Powerhouse bass and drums tear throw the mix in short bursts, before the band stylishly return to the groove based verse.

Passionate vocals from Chris are a real standout feature for this week’s Synchedin Spotlight, carrying a weight of emotion and energy throughout both the verses and choruses. A swift round through the eclectic chorus occurs, before the band strip things back and let bass-man Charlie give the audience (presumed sweaty) a short break from the mosh.

A fantastic build up follows the break, ending up in a truly chaotic storm of shouting, distortion and cymbals, concluding this flawless new CPT. PRANG single in style.

CPT. PRANG’s upcoming album CERBERUS will drop in July, and includes the singles Belly Of The Crows and this week’s Synchedin Spotlight, Comfort Synthesised.

Download both these singles, and all of their upcoming album, exclusively from Synchedin, for only $4.99 a month.