Crank the air con and the volume, and dig into some scorching Summer Sounds. Get beach or festival ready with this new Synchedin collection!

When the sun comes out, there’s never a better time to hit the road. Warm weather helps germinate the seedling ideas of adventure, travels, and all round good times. Whether you’re a beach bum bound for golden sands, or a festival fanatic, those beating rays of sunshine make the draw of summer fun even harder to ignore.

Everyone loves to share in good times, checking out holiday photographs or seeing real time social media updates. That’s why the hotter months are a perfect time to share your most exciting and energetic video content.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a travel vlogger who shares videos on YouTube, or an indie filmmaker working on their next feature film. A healthy dose of vitamin D helps draw any audience in.

You might already have the exact summer sounds in mind that you want to use. Maybe it’s a song by the headline act you saw at that festival last week. Or, it might whichever heart throb’s single is number 2 in the charts right now.

There might be a little snag with using those songs though… In fact, there will be.

Unless you’re willing to pay up to tens of thousands of dollars to use a popular song in your film, TV project, commercial, or podcast, you’ll end up running into copyright issues. If you’re planning to use the music in a YouTube video, you’d best be prepared for some copyright claims to squander your hopes of earning money through YouTube.

What to do if you don’t fancy copyright problems raining on your barbecue?

Synchedin Summer Sounds Collection

Synchedin has the solution!

We’ve cooked up a tasty new collection to compliment your grilled hot dogs, or even that dodgy kebab from the festival food truck with the peeling paint outside.

Summer Sounds features some amazing summery pop royalty free goodness, available to use in any kind of content project. Find tracks from artists like Simon Jomphe Lepine, Axero, and A B Music House.

In this collection, you’ll also discover an array of summer sound effects, to give life to your content. Beach ambience or cheerful park chatter will add the perfect summery soundscape, and immerse your viewer into higher mercury havens.

Royalty free from Synchedin means one simple license, ensuring you don’t need to fret about legal stuff. You can focus on the fun bit – creating content!

Subscribe to Synchedin today, and enjoy unlimited downloads from this collection and beyond from just $3.99 per month.