Following the release of their hotly anticipated debut album Flora, London based duo atmos bloom land this week’s Synchedin Spotlight.

Originally beginning their music journey in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic global lockdown of 2020, London based duo atmos bloom describe their music as ‘dream gaze’. Flora, released on Thursday, July 14th, is atmos bloom’s debut album. It features 7 beautiful dream pop songs, 4 of which being singles leading up to their album. One of these singles was Daisy, and is this week’s upbeat indie Synchedin Spotlight.

The dream pop duo released this album with Spirit Goth, a lo-fi, indie shoegaze label. Spirit Goth have worked closely with other Synchedin artists such as Hause Plants, and are the parent label to the DIY indie label BIRTHDIY.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight, the first single atmos bloom released this year, Daisy, begins with a driving, home recorded drum beat (the best kind of drum beat). Before long, an enchanting cacophony of guitars, epic walls of synthesisers and siren song-esque vocal ‘woos’ cascade upon the listener. Beautiful female vocals sung by Tilda Gratton reminiscent of the vocal styles of Alvvays reverberate across the dreamy mix.

The upbeat, atmospheric nature of this week’s Synchedin Spotlight lends itself to be the perfect track to use in your travel vlog, video montage or your coming of age indie film. The timeless 80s indie guitar tone heard in Daisy would make any indie film scene even more authentic with this song accompanying.

You can download all the dream gaze indie tracks from the latest atmos bloom album exclusively on Synchedin. Spirit Goth, BIRTHDIY and many more indie releases are all available as royalty free, copyright claim free tracks for your online content.

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