If you’ve been wishing you could access your streaming revenue sooner, it’s your lucky day. Twitch payments are about to become more accessible!

Yesterday, popular livestreaming platform Twitch announced it would be lower its payment threshold. Allowing creators to see the fruits of their hard work more quickly, the threshold will be brought down from $100 to $50.

Creators who have joined either the Twitch Partner or Affiliate programme are eligible for streaming revenue. By charging subscriptions to your channel, as well as collecting earnings based on how much your broadcasts are watched, you can make a tidy sum through Twitch streaming.

At the start of the year, Twitch revealed it would be introducing the Ads Incentive Programme. This programme, again aimed at Partners and Affiliates, takes Ads Manager to a new level. Once a creator broadcasts the minimum required hours per month, they are paid a flat fee as an incentive. The platform hoped this programme would empower creators, and enable them to plan more securely for the future with a reliable income.

Now, Twitch is recognising that its users rely on payments, regardless of whether they’re enough to pay the rent for a month. Even smaller payments are welcomed, particularly in financially testing times. But also, the company has acknowledged that creators will appreciate ending a broadcast and immediately being able to access the revenue generated by it.

Twitch Payments Made Easier

The new $50 minimum threshold that creators will need to meet before cashing out their earnings will be rolled out gradually.

According to the streaming platform, Partners and Affiliates will see the roll-out occure country by country. The initial roll-out effects Argentina, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and Taiwan. This will come into play on July 15th. In the following months, more countries will be added. Twitch has said it anticipates “over 70,000 Creators will see more regular payouts once this is fully rolled out.”

Creators in countries where the threshold change has been introduced will be notified. Lower $50 payments can be made through PayPal, ACH/direct deposit, eCheck/local bank, and check. However, processing wire transfers will still require a minimum $100 payout due to transaction fees.

You can decide to hold your payout, and Twitch will continue to hold you earnings until you change your selection.

If you’re not yet a Partner or Affiliate, there are other ways of making money with Twitch.