Sonos have announced when their new fully portable speaker will go on sale. Check out all the details of the new Sonos Roam here!

At the start of last month, we speculated over an FCC filing from Sonos, suggesting a new portable speaker was in the works. Now, Sonos have confirmed suspicions, showing off the new speaker over on their Twitter.

As initially expected, the Roam is indeed a portable, rechargeable speaker, smaller than the Sonos Move. It retails for $169 and will go on sale on the 20th April, however you can pre-order now. So, what exactly do you get for the $169?

It’s plain to see that the focus for this latest offering from Sonos is portability. The design incites the urge to get up and go, speaker in hand. Just 6.61 inches tall and weighing 0.95 lbs this certainly is a speaker you can chuck in a rucksack and take on an adventure. Great for outdoor use, it is rated IP67 for dust and water resistance, so no worries when it comes to getting caught in the rain on a camping trip. The durability goes further, with a silicone casing at each end protecting it whenever it is dropped or knocked over.

The Sonos Roam is not only great for outdoor use, it also performs well in the home. Featuring Sound Swap technology, by holding down a button for three seconds you can switch your music onto the nearest other Sonos speaker to you.

Automatic Trueplay is one of the cooler features included by Sonos here. By using its built-in microphones, the Roam can assess the surrounding environment and tune the audio output to fit the soundstage. These microphones can also be used for voice commands like Alexa or Google Assistant.

With smart Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, you can move your music seamlessly from outdoors to in, and from room to room. 10 hours of battery life means you can have tunes solidly all day if you wanted, however this would also cover a couple of late night summer beach party sessions. A wireless charging dock is available to use with the Roam, however it does not come with the speaker.

Available in “shadow” black and “lunar” white, the Sonos Roam boasts a “precision-engineered” honeycomb grille. However, it was previously guessed at whether this would be a speaker with 360 degree sound. Despite the near-cylindrical design, this is not the case. But, as Sonos’ cheapest speaker, and designed to look and sound great, the Roam is a fantastic audio purchase for people often on the go.