‘Somewhere between the nexus of soul, bass, and electronic club music’ – Django by Lyndon Jarr is now available on Synchedin.

Based between Hong Kong and Sydney, bass music producer Lyndon Jarr has been creating innovative and atmospherically unique productions since 2012. His first major release, Play the Tape, with respected UK label Deep Heads became an overnight success.

Shortly after, Jarr went on to release his debut EP Django, which is now available on Synchedin via SmallPrint Recordings. Django features a wide range of musical styles, however the liquid drum and bass track Fantasy is this week’s Synchedin Spotlight.

Our Spotlight track begins with mood setting chords, accompanied by a speech sample between 2 star-crossed lovers. Lyndon Jarr doesn’t waste any time before introducing an exhilarating drum and bass groove.

Vocal chops, presumably cut from the previously heard speech sample, satisfyingly cut across the mix. The treatment of samples – and the approach to sampling in general – is an ever-evolving trait in all of Jarr’s music.

Roughly a minute into Fantasy, a brilliantly dusty, chopped up keys sample enters. As more sample layers build, it’s easy to hear how well this tune could bring a montage or highlight reel to life.

A brief atmospheric interlude, accompanied by the afore-heard speech sample, returns us to a more liquid DNB realm. The brilliant drum groove returns, dishing out massive LTJ Bukem vibes.

Jarr’s recent releases have taken a more garage and alternative approach. His collaborations with Airstrike in March 2022 prove to be atmospherically reminiscent of his debut, while showing a contemporary new evolution to his production style.

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