Finding a track with the right pace can help get you into the rhythm of a workout. But what is the best BPM for working out to?

We’ve kept this in mind when creating the Synchedin library, and so we have included all BPM’s (beats per minute) for each track.

But what’s the best BPM for working out? Well this can differ depending on the type of activity and exercise you’re doing. You probably don’t want hard hitting drum & bass for your yoga work out!

For yoga, you probably want something more ambient, without a dictated rhythm.
If you do want a beat in your music for yoga practises, it’s best to aim between 60 – 90 BPM.

An ambient track would work well here – Check out End Credits from Borrtex

With more intense workouts like HITT, cycling/spinning, running and other cardio, you’re going to want something that keeps your internal rhythm pumping.
It’s a good idea to increase the BPM of the tracks throughout your routine. Starting from around 130 BPM, heading up to 170/180 BPM in your playlist, and then decrease the BPM back to 130 to cool down.

Try starting off with a track that’s motivating and gets you into the zone. Check out Jellyfish by The Better Keys at 132 BPM.
To ramp it up, you’ll want a track that steps up the tempo and gets you feeling energetic and powerful. Try Rise by Cypher at 175 BPM.

With weightlifting, you want to hit a similar BPM at you would start with for your cardio workout, but we suggest not taking it about 150 BPM so you’re not battling your reps. Try Thinking About You (feat. Salma) by Axero at 132 BPM.

When you’re ready to cool down, and for an outro to your workout video, it’s a good idea to head back to the lower BPM’s between 60 – 90. Come Closer by Pacific at 68 BPM will wrap up your session perfectly.

All music mentioned is available on the Synchedin catalogue for a small subscription of $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

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