Which are more important; first impressions or lasting impressions? They’re both powerful, which is why we’ve got fantastic outro music for YouTube that’ll leave your subscribers wanting more!

When embarking on your vlogging or content creation journey, there are plenty of things to consider. Besides the big one of settling on your style as a content creator, you need to consider how you’re going to gain subscribers and keep that view count up. It can feel pretty daunting, and become overwhelming if you aim for too much too soon.

Whilst YouTube analytics are certainly helpful, and end screen cards can improve views, there are some basic things you can nail off the bat.

Lots of people might think of content creation on YouTube as a predominantly visual endeavour. Of course, as a video sharing platform, this is true to a degree. That’s not to say that audio doesn’t play an incredibly significant role.

Music on YouTube

Be it a vlog, TV show, film, or short-form video, background music matters. Can you imagine some iconic movie scenes without the soundtrack? It’s jarring, awkward, and even a little uncomfortable.

These same feelings can be incited when a YouTube video is silent besides the host’s talking and breathing. Videos which feature background music appear more professional, feel more finished, and provide an extra layer of entertainment factor.

Intro Music

Music is important during a video, but also at the beginning and end. When creating a YouTube intro that will consistently feature in your content, it’s key to pick the right track.

Your intro music lets viewers know what kind of style content they’re about to watch. For example, steady and classical music may suggest high-brow, educational content. Whereas, heavy metal could indicate extreme sports, high-energy content.

This music, at the beginning of a video, could entice viewers in and scare them off in equal measure. That’s why it’s an important yet simple thing to consider. The same goes for your outros.

Outro Music

Going off the same principals as intro music, outro music creates an impression. Rather than working as an introduction, it leaves your viewer with a certain taste in their mouth. As the last thing they will hear of your content, this is what could draw them back to your channel for more.

Outro music needs to represent your channel and brand, cohesively fit with the content, as well as nicely wrapping up the video. You can think of it as the audio wind down, the musical curtain close.

Find Outro Music for YouTube

If you’re not already aware, you can’t use any music you like in your videos, unfortunately. Featuring copyrighted music in your content could lead to issues involving claims and possibly strikes, if you’re not careful.

To avoid this, you can use music that is in the public domain. Or, you can increase your options substantially, and opt for royalty free music. This is music that you don’t need to pay for every time you use it. This makes it ideal for YouTube – imagine your video getting thousands of views and having to pay royalties each time!

Don’t let the word “free” confuse you! Just because royalty free music is free of the need to pay royalties, it doesn’t mean it’s completely free of charge to use. You can get free royalty free music, but it isn’t all that great.

The best way to get your hands on high quality royalty free outro music for YouTube is via a subscription site, like Synchedin!

Choose tracks from a huge library of awesome music, ranging in loads of styles and genres. Searching for the perfect track is a breeze, thanks to various filtering options like instrumentation and mood.

After you sign up for free, you can begin creating your own collections, keeping all your favourite finds in one easily retrieved place. Music subscriptions can be paid monthly or annually, from just $4.99 per month. The best part? Once you subscribe, you can download unlimited tracks, which are yours to use in your content forever!

Join Synchedin today, and find the outro track that will become the YouTube signature your subscribers will fall in love with!