Here’s an emotive but super fun blend of classical and electronic. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is Sky by Sizzle Bird!

It’s the original Synchedin Spotlight artist’s third showing in the spotlight this week. With such a talented musician and producer, consistently releasing fantastic tracks, it’s not hard to see why. Sizzle Bird, aka Ot Moruno-Bird, has continued his form of releasing predominantly instrumental music, often heavily featuring strings. This comes as no surprise, since the artist has his background in classical music as a violinist himself.

Sky, which was released earlier this year, follows Sizzle Bird’s perhaps signature sound; upbeat and energetic synth tracks, paired with steady and determined electronic beats. All with a smattering of strings on top. Classical sounding, sustained piano chords lead the way, moving uniformly through the progression. Accompanied by bubbling arpeggiator and atmospheric synth pads, you instantly begin to fill in the melodic blanks, eager for the track to truly kick off.

This melody is provided by the keys, and splashy cymbals provide a light percussive background. This is then mirrored in part by sliding, intoxicating violin. A more precise and dexterous melody bursts out, with playfully slurring synth sounds giving a contemporary feel to the track.

All these elements develop the tension, reaching a euphoric release when Sky blooms into a triumphant, drum-filled track. Hints of chip-tune even find their way into the mix, although less harsh than the standard of the style. Video game-esque blinking electronic sounds emphasise the marrying of contemporary and classical.

Flitting in and out between gentle and fiercely energetic, Sky powers its way to the end, swapping violins for 8-bit sounding tones. The song ends similarly to how it began, although decidedly more triumphantly and bold-feeling.

Sizzle Bird has created a track of two halves in Sky. However, they are halves which, rather than sitting side by side, intertwine magically to form an exciting amalgam of old and new.

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