Maintaining a steady creative flow is important when working on a project. Check out this fast and easy way to find free sound effects!

Sound effects (SFX) can have a real impact on a project, whether it’s a vlog, podcast or film. Foley, or the art of recording SFX, can be hugely fun but also rather time-consuming. Putting together an indie film means giving lots of attention to a range of different things. Independent filmmakers would struggle to find the time to create their own SFX. This is where a fast and easy way to find free sound effects is needed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re making vlogs for YouTube or searching for punchy sounds to feature in a radio show. Synchedin has an ever-growing catalogue of both royalty free and creative commons SFX. If you’re working on an intergalactic educational video, check out the NASA SFX, for fantastic launching sounds and all things space.

Want to add a political edge and make a statement in a new music video? We have an impressive collection of presidential speeches available for free! Sound bites from President Roosevelt in 1940, or Joe Biden’s inaugural address, we’ve got it covered.

Finding the ideal sound effect for your project is super speedy and simple on Synchedin. You can filter SFX based on the category they fall into, and narrow things down using the descriptive tags assigned to each one. How long the effect lasts and whether it work well as a loop is also another handy option.

The license type refers to whether the effect is CCO (creative commons, and free) or royalty free (requiring a paid subscription). To get full access to the catalogue, you can subscribe for just $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year.

A big chunk of our SFX catalogue is CC0, so you can get a bunch of cool effects for free. Sign up today and have a look for yourself!