Magical and joyful vibes only please, it’s New Year’s Eve. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by Michael Herter!

Michael Herter, known to many as SibViolin, is a professional violinist and musician. Hailing originally from Russia, Michael graduated from the Novosibirsk Special Music School-College at the Conservatory in the violin class. Michael continued his musical studies in Germany, where he now lives. Spanning countless styles and genres, his music and compositions can be heard in millions of videos around the world.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year is this week’s Spotlight thanks to it being an incredibly professional and wonderfully enjoyable track. Bursting in like something straight out of a Hollywood Christmas movie production, the warm orchestral instrumentation fills our ears full of wintry wonder and excitement. Bouncy woodwind and brass parp away beneath twinkly chimes and whirling flutes and strings.

The glockenspiel provides the bulk of the busy melody, to begin with. There is, of course, the ding-donging of church bells in the background – this is a Christmas song, after all. Changes in sections are marked with different instrumental groups taking the lead. The horn section warmly lifts us as we glide through the rest of the composition.

An extra dose of cinematic essence is lent to the track by way of the deeply thumping timpani. Expertly layered, this instrumental piece vividly paints a festive picture. The energy and pace is unrelenting and active, conjuring the image of frantic final preparation in Santa’s workshop.

The track ends with plenty of enchanting glockenspiel and chimes, but it’s the bells that lead the close. Deeply ringing out the signal that it’s time to get to bed quickly, before Santa arrives!

Impressively adept production, paired with the unequivocally Christmassy atmosphere makes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year the perfect musical accompaniment to any festive video content.

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