Christmas has come and gone, and we’re getting ready to bid 2021 a fond farewell. Check out the Synchedin Subscriber Favourites for December, as we take a look back!

We at Synchedin hope you all had the best Christmas yet, and that your holiday season has been filled with joy and festivities. You certainly downloaded plenty of Christmassy royalty free music, which is unsurprising since it has been the season for Yuletide content creation. Everybody knows great Christmas video projects need quality Christmas music, right?

Have a peruse of the Synchedin Subscriber Favourites – December collection now. Take some inspiration from what’s on offer, and decide what your next download will be! And, if you’re not subscribed already, come on in – the water’s lovely!

December Music

The fact that Christmas falls in the month of December is evident in this month’s Subscriber Favourite’s music collection (as if you didn’t know already). But, it isn’t only festive tunes that dominate the downloads. There is a healthy mix of atmospheric electronic music, fuzzy indie rock, and unrelentingly thrashy metal.

What is cheering to see in this collection is that, alongside the usual Synchedin mainstays, a varied mix of artists. Sizzle Bird, Borrtex, and Kevin Macleod feature, as they tend to each month. But December has seen our subscribers download the likes of S.C.A.B, Will Taylor, Michael Herter, and plenty of others!

This range of artists and genres is super exciting too, as it suggest a wide variety of content is being created out there by you lot. Don’t forget, if you’ve featured any music from Synchedin in your creations, we’d love to see them!

December SFX

Following on with the theme of variety, the sound effects downloaded in December seem not to follow a pattern either. Of course, there are some Christmassy sounds, as expected; crackling fires and festive ambience.

What does seem to be a firm constant, month to month, is nature sounds. Birdsong, various animal noises, as well as sounds of the ocean have claimed popularity over this last month. It seems like plenty of creators have been focussing on the cosy, natural angle lately!

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