Ka’vierre secures their second ever Synchedin Spotlight feature, with their chilled out new track Plum off their latest single, Everett.

Ka’vierre is a composer and producer who is best known for creating luscious soundscapes and beautiful melodies. Pulling influences from artists such as capshun, Next to Blue and Laxcity, Ka’vierre is certain to deliver some surprises in his beats you just didn’t see coming. You may also recognise Ka’vierre from his first Synchedin Spotlight feature, with his beautiful tune Lax.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight track, Plum, begins with ambient tones so deep you could swim in it. A vinyl crackle sound already firmly delivers this track into the lo-fi genre that works oh so well in all manners of varying content creation.

Further Foley crackles and a calming ambient wave transition us into a surprise (which Ka’vierre did warn us he’d include – to be fair). A much more uptempo style electronic drum groove shimmers through the ambience, establishing not only a solid lo-fi track, but a unique style, also.

The chilled out synth sounds that give this track its unique vibe combine superbly with the more uptempo drums. Therefore, this track becomes absolutely perfect for using as a podcast transition, in a highlight reel for your YouTube channel, or maybe even for your crafty reels on Instagram.

Roughly halfway through Plum, after the beat drops out momentarily, a more synonymous chill drum groove enters, giving the same ambient vibes as heard before a whole new dimension of relaxed to them. This change up gives this track a lot of versatility in what kind of content it can be used in!

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