It’s been in the pipeline for a while, but now it’s actually happening. All videos on Instagram are set to become Reels, along with other updates.

In the last year or so, Instagram has been subject to endless tests, tweaks, and updates. As the platform tries its best to keep up with competitor TikTok, there has been a sense of neglect towards its original value proposition – photographs.

Any time there’s a change to Instagram, it’s met with mixed opinions. Lately, the admitted heavy focus on video has significantly changed the Instagram experience for longtime users. Updates to the algorithm mean that businesses must clamour to create original video content in order to stay relevant and visible. Fine if that’s your thing, not so great if you enjoyed the pictures of people’s lunches.

In a video shared last week, head of Instagram Adam Moseri declared that Reels will continue to be the focus of the platform even more so.

In order to simplify videos on Instagram, all video content under 15 minute will be shared as a Reel. This also means that all videos will have access to the Reels editing tools.

IGTV and Feed videos were merged last year into Instagram Videos. These were located separately from Reels. The new changes mean that future videos will all be discoverable under the Reels tab, and this isn’t limited to lip-syncing or trendy dance videos.

But, Reels was designed specifically for a certain type of fast-paced, eye-catching content. Will this new change ruin the experience even more than some argue it has been already?

Other Updates

Another move to simplify video creation on Instagram is Reels Templates. This feature was being tested back in April. Templates, much like the TikTok feature, enables users to input their own video whilst keeping timed cuts and transitions.

You can access this by going to the Reels tab and tapping on the camera, which will reveal a Templates option at the bottom. This will show you a host of different Reels ideas, so you can quickly create content similar to that which inspired you.

The Remix feature is also getting a number of improvements, according to Mosseri. Now, users will be able to create a Reel Remix from a photo, so it’s no longer limited to videos. New formats like picture-in-picture and green screen are being added to Remixes too.

Further to this, Instagram will now let users add or append video to the end of another, as a form of remixing. Before, Remixes only allowed creators to add video simultaneous to the one they were remixing. This new update will be perfect for reaction videos, or commentaries.

Taking advantage of how advanced and numerous smartphone cameras are these days, a dual camera function will also be added to Remixes. This is very similar to Be Real’s format. An app which decries the unrealistic perfectionism that much of social media is built off of today.

As always, Mosseri invites feedback on the updates. No doubt there will be plenty more changes to Instagram going forward, as the platform strives for relevancy and place within the upcoming metaverse.