Cars are challenging places to shoot; avoiding shaky footage alone is hard enough. So, check out this video for top tips on how to film car scenes!

If you’re working on a new film and want to add in some variety with your scenes, the car is a great place to start. Often when we think of car scenes, we picture high-octane police chases and adrenaline-fuelled street races.

However, there have been some iconic scenes shot inside cars. Filming scenes in such a small space means more focus on the actors, the dialogue, and can set up a huge variety of possibilities. For example, this scene from Pulp Fiction (pre-warning: it’s Tarantino, so expect profanities and lots of blood).

The scene wouldn’t work if it was shot in a big, open space like a room or out on the street. The rising tension is emphasised by the claustrophobic space. Focus on the characters’ facial expressions and feelings is heightened, as there is nothing drawing attention away. The car, whilst being a literal vehicle, acts as a figurative vehicle to move the story along.

So, how can you film car scenes like this yourself, without having a Tarantino budget?

How to Film Car Scenes is a channel that focusses on all things filmmaking and editing. This means you can trust any sage advice they offer in their video on shooting car scenes.

Don’t have access to a huge trolley to tow a car, or private studio space? Not a problem. If you’re a student filmmaker, or you’ve checked out a few Skillshare filmmaking classes, you can still tackle a car scene. This video will break down how to capture fantastic audio, create your own Foley, set the correct exposure, how to mount cameras, and more.

You can create interesting, entertaining car scenes without needing a heap of expensive gear or a huge team of people. So, go and give these tips a try!

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