A new button has been spotted, enabling some users to repost TikTok videos much more easily. Find out what we know so far here!

Video sharing platform and social media giant, TikTok is constantly updating and improving itself. A place for taking part in trendy challenges, as well as marketing businesses, it’s quickly becoming a front-runner in the social media game. It has also posed as competition in the video content consumption ring. Recently, TikTok overtook YouTube on average watch time in the UK & US.

Generally, other social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have been playing cat and mouse with TikTok. Not long after a new feature is unveiled, will others follow suit. However, that’s not to say that TikTok doesn’t take inspiration from other popular sites.

Repost Button

Many TikTok users download content to then upload to Instagram Reels, rather than creating fresh Reels content. However, a lot of TikTok users post content that is not their own, but simply videos they have enjoyed and wish to share.

Up until now, the only way for users to repost TikTok videos has been to download the content and reupload it. Social media consultant, Matt Navara has spotted that some users may notice a Repost button when trying to share a video on the network.

Much like a retweet, this button will allow users to repost TikTok videos much more speedily and impulsively. Whilst this could be great for boosting reach of videos a user has enjoyed, it isn’t without its flaws.

Navara has guessed that reposted videos are only visible to followers, and will not appear on the reposting user’s profile. People have taken to Twitter to point out that this could be a concern for businesses and brands. Not having a visible record of what has been reposted could be unnerving. Alongside this, it doesn’t allow for any tracking of stats, which may be useful in terms of paid partnerships.

At the moment, the repost button is in beta. This means you may not be able to view it on your own profile. We can expect much more tweaking and experimentation with this button before it is rolled out more widely.