Hungry for something mellow and electronic? Perfect. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is the introspective Transmission 13 by Wojciech Golczewski!

Wojciech Golczewski is a Polish composer who creates music for film, television, and video games. Specialising in electronic music, his Instagram profile cites synth, retro, and 8-bit. Wojciech’s musical career began in the European demoscene, a subculture which sees artists show off their musical and programming skills. Since then, he has scored feature-length films, as well as Scandinavian TV thrillers, and much more. Twice nominated for the Fangoria Chainsaw Award, including Best Horror Soundtrack, Wojciech continues to work in film. He also releases his personal music, with several electronica/synth albums available to stream on Spotify.

It is from one of these albums, End of Transmission 2, released in 2018, that we have taken this week’s Synchedin Spotlight. Transmission 13 is a perfect closing track, one you can really envision rolling end credits with. From an album of big, bold sounds, the start of the track is all delicacy and sensitivity. Lightly distorted electric keys steadily descend in a repetitive, lullaby fashion. Accompanying ethereal synth pads add a tenderness to proceedings, whilst gently building tension.

Bass synth offers a warmth and weight to the production, as well as a darkness to juxtapose the bright opening elements. With real sci-fi spirit, more synth layers twinkle their way into the track as the intensity begins to build. The introductory melodic pattern transforms into the dominant force, all fuzz and majesty. Although busier, the track maintains a strong sense of openness and space. This is thanks to breathy underlying synth, which replicates the awesome and formidable nature of a cathedral choir.

Transmission 13 moves fluidly through its phases, creating a feeling of overwhelming beauty that works so perfectly in epic science fiction scenes. Concluding as it began, the track reverts to it’s almost child-like state, leaving you with a strong sense of humanity and peace.

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