There are a number of great ways you can organically increase your social media following. Find out how to do this using Content Unlocks!

The world of social media is one filled with different strategies for gaining followers and getting your name out there. You can spend lots of money on advertising campaigns, which definitely can be effective but also expensive. Opting for organic growth is perfect for independent businesses, creators and artists. The reason this type of growth is best in the long run is that you will have an audience genuinely interested in your brand. As a result, these loyal followers will engage with your content, which will in turn bring in more followers.

What are Content Unlocks?

Dangling a delicious organic carrot in front of your audience is a strong tactic for boosting your following. Using Content Unlocks from rewards social interactions with exclusive rewards. Push is a platform that builds marketing, promotional and analytical tools for musicians, labels, content creators and more. Alongside Fan Links, Content Unlocks is one of the marketing campaigns they offer, and you can set up a campaign for free.

  • Have full control over your campaign, and decide exactly how much interaction fans must complete before becoming eligible for reward.
  • Choose what you’re going to generously offer. This could be coupon codes, secret links, exclusive track downloads, any digital goodies you can think of!
  • Fully customisable, Content Unlocks can be tailored to suit you and your audience, optimising the efficacy of your campaign.

Not only will Content Unlocks retain and bring in new followers, but you will be able to gather valuable insights into your fans’ interactions. This marketing treasure will strengthen any future promotions and let you learn how best to market yourself going forward.

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