Spice up your YouTube intros and get viewers instantly hooked. Let us tell you where you can find the best royalty free music!

Whatever your style, chances are if you’re a YouTuber you’ve recorded a few introductions in your time. The opening line could be the most memorable sentence you’ve ever uttered. But, nothing sticks in the mind quite like a catchy tune.

Why Use Music?

Of course, you might be making videos just for fun, but a lot of people go in with the aim of turning YouTube into a career. You can earn money through YouTube by employing a few different strategies. These mainly revolve around increasing views and gaining subscribers in an organic way.

Sticking a hooky melody at the start of your videos is going to increase the potential of you becoming an earworm for anyone who might have stumbled upon your video. Lodging your intro music into the subconscious of somebody is going to increase the likelihood of them coming back to look for you. Therefore, music is a fantastic way to grab viewers, which you can then convert to subscribers with your amazing content!

Picking Music for YouTube Intros

Now, when it comes to choosing music to add to your YouTube intros, you need to take a few things into consideration:

  • Length – Intros tend to be snappy. Just long enough to explain the idea behind the video or channel, but not so long that viewers switch off. Try to find a snippet of music that is an appropriate length and has plenty going on within it.
  • Reflect your brand – The internet is a vast and varied place, where you can find a YouTube channel dedicated to pretty much anything. If your vlogging theme is “Diaries of a Funeral Director” then it might not be so appropriate or fitting to choose thumping drum and bass for your intro. Make sure you choose music that’s going to reflect who you are, what your content is about, and effectively set the mood.
  • Match your graphics – Similarly to the previous point, setting slow and sombre music to a strobing technicolour storm of graphics isn’t a great idea. Perhaps you do want to create a little dissonance – if it fits what you’re about then go for it! But generally, a great introduction is the perfect blend of audio and visuals to indicate what’s coming next.
  • Stay consistent – There are a ton of audio tag lines you would instantly recognise if played to you. It’s so easy to forget that “I’m Lovin’ It” is a Justin Timberlake track and not solely the McDonald’s end-of-ad hook (sorry JT). The company have used the short melodic phrase for years, making people incredibly familiar with it. Breeding that same familiarity with your intro is going to help viewers trust you and feel closer to you. Although, you can change up your intro, but try to keep it similar each time.

Where to Find Intro Music

Just as you can create affordable yet professional looking YouTube videos, you can create professional sounding ones too.

At Synchedin we believe in everyone being given the opportunity to share their creativity and vision. Which is why we’ve created a huge library of awesome royalty free music, all with the sync license covered. You can download all tracks in a variety of formats to suit your needs, and have full claims control, so no copyright issues down the line.

You can filter the Synchedin library by genre, mood and more, making your search for the perfect intro music easier. Stream all tracks for free and create your own playlists, which you can play in the background of your videos. Subscribe for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per annum to download unlimited tracks. Once you’ve downloaded a track it is yours to use forever, no extra fees!

We add new music to the catalogue every day. So, whether you’re a craft tutorials guru or an online fitness fanatic you’re guaranteed to find your ideal YouTube intro music!