Want to know what you all have been downloading over the last month? Check out the subscriber favourites of February – it’s a tasty mix!

Each month, we like to showcase the top 25 most downloaded royalty free tracks and the top 20 creative commons (CC0) sound effects from Synchedin. We hope this will spark inspiration for your next projects, as well as satisfy that nosey itch, as we take a peek into other people’s listening habits.

All of these sounds get compiled into a handy collection – this month it’s the Synchedin Subscriber Favourites – February collection.

Let’s have a look at what music has been used in the background of YouTube videos, in indie film soundtracks, or as part of commercials lately!

February Music

In our monthly subscriber favourites collections, we’re used to seeing some familiar names each time. As per Synchedin tradition, Kevin MacLeod features a handful of times, with tracks including Melody, Facile, and Relaxing Piano Music.

However, the last month’s downloads for Synchedin somewhat break from the norm. We see artists like Leanbacker and Frubi making the top downloads list, bringing some mellow grooves and uplifting house to proceedings.

We’re also happy to see Little Dumpling and Blobzter making the February list, furthering the mix of names for a pleasant change. A variety of uplifting and energetic tunes are nestled amongst plenty of atmospheric and relaxing tracks. It looks like people have had pretty different Februaries!

February Sound Effects

Whilst outdoor ambience and nature sounds tend to dominate the sound effects section of the monthly subscriber favourites, this last month has seen a slight change too.

That’s not to say there hasn’t been any nature sounds downloaded, don’t go crazy. The sound of river streams and running water has made the list. But, it’s the animal sound effects that have dominated this month. Owls hooting and cats purring have seemingly overtaken things like crackling fires or snapping twigs. We’d love to see any content you’ve been creating, but if it features cats, we definitely want to see!

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