Reflecting on the first month of 2022 now, and boy did it whizz by… Fancy finding out what the subscriber favourites of you lovely Synchedin lot were?

Community is the word of the day everyday at Synchedin, and we want our subscribers, and even those just passing through, to know what everyone else has been up to. We think that nothing sparks inspiration quite like seeing what your fellow creatives have been digging recently.

Now that the longest month in history is finally over, we can rejoice and look back at what ended up being people’s favourite tracks and sound effects. Here’s what the Synchedin Subscriber Favourites – January collection has to offer!

January Music

So much of a fresh year is about “out with the old, and in with the new.” We much prefer to keep hold of the old but gold, whilst still inviting in the new. It’s all about balance.

Some recurring names have made it into the subscriber favourites for January. These include the indomitable Kevin Macleod, the rhapsodical Borrtex, and the ever-present Simon Jomphe Lepine! However, new names like Daizy, Don Peligro, and Eloi El have made an appearance.

A hearty mix of cinematic anthems, electronic bangers, and indie bops make up the January subscriber favourites for music. This is just what we love to see. A fun hint that, out there, a broad and varied plethora of content is being whipped up. Be it an indie feature film, or someone’s shiniest new vlog for YouTube.

January Sound Effects

If you’re stuck in the middle of a bustling city, it makes sense to download nature sound effects. Should you reside in the country and love the ambience, it makes sense to download nature sound effects. Basically, wherever you are, it always is a good idea to download nature sound effects. And that’s exactly what’s been happening.

Pretty much every month sees nature SFX enjoy a spot or two on the subscriber monthly favourites list. January 2022 is no different. We’ve seen favour tipped towards crackling fires and woodland sounds before Christmas. The last month sees water and all this oceanic receiving all the love. Waves crashing heavily onto the shore, along with the sound of rain accompanied by the distant, low roar of the churning ocean, feature on the collection.

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