If you’re looking for some quality electronic/trap tunes for your next project, we’ve got the collection for you. Check out our new Adept Records collection!

Finding Background Music

Searching for background music can sometimes seem like a long-winded, daunting task. Actually finding decent background music can be even more of a challenge. It’s important to add great music to awesome visual content. It’s not the cherry on the cake, as it’s more of an integral part of the whole delicious dish.

Using royalty free music in your projects is the best way to avoid any copyright issues, without spending big bucks. At Synchedin, we offer an ever-expanding library of awesome royalty free music, with amazing independent artists and labels that you can feature in your content.

One of these labels is Adept Records, who offer a wonderful roster to the Synchedin catalogue. We’ve put together a brand-new collection dedicated solely to them, making it easier than ever for you to find high quality, independent electronic music, available for sync licensing!

Adept Records

Adept Records is an independent label that focusses on electronic music. Centred around new and aspiring artists and producers, the label works with talent with the aim of managing and building artists up, right from the very start.

Some of the fantastic artists linked to Adept include Karim, Xaron, and Dasvin.

With Adept Records’ name comes a seal of quality. That means that every track in our fresh collection is only the best. Crisp, creative production, along with original and exciting beats and melodies. So, if you’re searching for a soundtrack that sounds as perfect as your video looks, you’re in good hands.

Whether you’re a vlogger who shares videos on YouTube, or a content creator trying to boost a brand, this eclectic collection of electronic music guarantees you to find the perfect track. With tracks spanning a range of moods, there’s a tune to fit any scenario. Choose from sweeping, emotional vocals and atmospheric synth pads, or driven electronic drums and fuzzy bass synth.

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