You know that royalty free music from Synchedin is perfect for videos. But, which tracks do you choose? We’ve compiled a collection of the best music for YouTube videos right here!

Okay, maybe we made quite a bold assumption at the top there. If you’re unsure what royalty free music is, and why it’s great for YouTube, we’ll clear that up first.

What Is Royalty Free Music

Royalty free music is just as the name suggests – music that is free of royalties. Maybe that doesn’t exactly tell you everything that you need to know, though.

Whenever a song is used in a video, film, TV show, or podcast, royalties have to be paid to the copyright holder. Music licensing deals vary in both nature and cost, but they’re generally convoluted and expensive. This isn’t ideal for the independent content creator.

Opting for royalty free music means you can use songs without having to pay a royalty every time it gets used or played. This is because of the type of licensing agreement. If you hate the sound of copyright and legalities, you should definitely pick royalty free music for your YouTube videos. Because all the complicated licensing stuff has already been taken care of, you can focus on what you do best – creating content!

Why Is Synchedin Music the Best?

Honestly, we’re fussy. But, we think that’s only a good thing. It means that all the music on the Synchedin catalogue has been carefully moderated and is quality assured, before hitting any content you create.

We acquire music only ever with the creator mind. As a result, we offer a varied array of genres, moods, and sounds. We know that music for a therapeutic meditation video isn’t going to be the same as a montage video of extreme winter sports. But, we want to cater to both, and we do!

Working with our official partner, RouteNote we’re also able to offer full claims control on YouTube for all tracks. This means no lost revenue or frustrating blocks, just pure content creation bliss.

Music for YouTube Videos Collection

Our collection of tracks picked out specifically for YouTube videos has been designed to make your life easier. We know that searching for the perfect track can take time. That’s time you could be spending perfecting your video titles or nailing YouTube SEO.

We’ve picked out stylish tracks with groovy beats, perfect for any slick transitions, or even as exciting outro music. Get your hands on music from Alonestar, featuring none other than Ed Sheeran! Or, add the vlogger favourite, Candyland by Tobu.

Everything you need to get creating the perfect video is right here in this collection!

Sign up to Synchedin today to create your very own collections. If you have multiple projects on the go, organise your favourite music into cleanly separated playlists, so it’s ready and raring to go.

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