Writing CVs and cover letters might soon be a thing of the past, thanks to TikTok Resumes trials. Find out how you can apply for a job via video here!

TikTok is first and foremost an entertainment platform. But, it boasts an immense amount of sway over society through its vast amount of content. It’s seen music careers and questionable trends take off, such as the ingesting of detergent pods.

Now, it’s using its powers to help users get jobs. Having seen a rise in the amount of career related content, (the #CareerTok subculture playing a big part in this), the video-sharing platform has launched its own dedicated program. TikTok is already used for purposes besides entertainment. For example, businesses utilising it as a marketing tool. In an article, TikTok stated that it now wishes to “bring more value to people’s experience with [the platform] by enhancing the utility of the platform as a channel for recruitment.”


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The pilot-program, called TikTok Resumes, will run until 31st July and already has a number of brands on board. Users can apply for digital and content based jobs at companies like All Recipes or Popsugar. This makes perfect sense, as the digital application will allow users to demonstrate the skills the vacancy requires simply in the format of their application. But, you can also send video applications for positions in retail or hospitality, with Target and Chipotle taking part in the program.

Being able to apply for “regular jobs” through TikTok could see this method pave the way for the future of recruitment.

How to Apply Using TikTok Resumes

Users can target videos directly towards specific companies and vacancies, by tagging and using hashtags. Alternatively, videos can be created to enable perusing recruiters to stumble upon them. Those taking advantage of the pilot program must use the hashtag #TikTokResumes when uploading.

It’s also encouraged that hopefuls don’t share any personal details. This includes email addresses and phone numbers. Videos will be available publicly, and can be viewed by anybody.

Vacancies will be based in the US, and are searchable via www.tiktokresumes.com or through #TikTokResumes on the app. So, if you’re a creative who feels they have the power to inspire and wow companies, why not share your skills on TikTok?