In light of the recent mass DMCA claims issues, Twitch have endeavoured to inform and educate users by setting up a dedicated Creator Camp page, with planned livestreamed sessions.

The video live-streaming service offered an explanation and apology regarding the DMCA troubles earlier this week – you can read more about that in our blog post here. As part of its resolution to “do better”, Twitch has promised to provide more insight and resources for its community by scheduling four live-streamed sessions focussing on topics like a DMCA Overview, Musicians on Twitch and DMCA, and Copyright & Managing Your Twitch Content. The first of these sessions will kick off on 18/11/2020 on the “Copyrights and Your Channel” page, with more sessions to be planned as needed.

If you are a live-streamer and want to use music in your videos, it’s a great idea to get clued-up on copyright and licensing rules, in order to avoid any trouble or confusion. You can check out our post on what music you can use in your Twitch streams for more information on this, or check out this post on using Synchedin for your livestream music.