Previously only available to iOS users, authenticated NFT profile pictures on Twitter are now available to all. Find out more here!

In January, Twitter made hexagonal profile pictures an option for Twitter Blue (its premium, subscription-based platform) and iOS users. These hexagons conveyed the authentic ownership of an NFT by the account owner, acting as a proud but potentially pointless badge.

NFTs have exploded onto the socials scene and online culture in the last year or so. The environmental implications of crypto art has been cause for much discussion, dividing many into “for” and “against” camps. Despite their divisiveness, they are showing no signs of going away any time soon. Ensuring it stays firmly on the bandwagon, Twitter has now expanded its NFT profile pictures to all users.

NFT Twitter Pics

This news means that you will not need a Twitter Blue subscription, nor be the owner of an iPhone or any Apple product. Anyone using the social media platform will be able to show off their digital art, along with bragging rights for the blockchain attached to it.

All genuine NFT profile pictures will appear as hexagons, and users will be able to click on them to inspect further details. These include the token ID, as well as blockchain type, and which collection it belongs to. NFT owners also have the option to link their crypto wallet to their Twitter account.

As the new, wider availability has been rolled out, users are already getting excited. The hashtag #NewNFTProfilePic is being used to highlight someone’s fresh hexagonal look.

Twitter isn’t the only social company introducing NFTs into the mix. In December last year, OnlyFans brought in NFT profile pictures. Also in January, YouTube hinted at NFTs could be introduced to the platform. It’s unclear in what capacity crypto art would feature on the video sharing site at the moment.