Podcasts are an entertainment format with ever-growing popularity. Find out what essential podcast equipment you need to make and record your own series here!

If you’re thinking of starting your own podcast, why not check out Skillshare? You can access a bunch of great podcasting classes that will help you conceptualise your podcast as well as record it. We at Synchedin have also compiled some handy tips for creating your podcast. When it comes to actually recording a podcast there is some essential equipment you will need, as a bare minimum, to successfully capture your chat.


You can choose from a few options when it comes to the type of microphone you use for your podcast. Whether you opt for USB, XLR or portable, you want to make sure you get a mic that will get the best out of your voice. We’ve made a list of fantastic mics for recording your voice, that should help make your decision.

Audio Interface

Now, this only becomes essential equipment depending on the microphone you’ve selected. If you go for an XLR mic then you’re going to need an interface. You can, in many cases, also control some elements of the mixing with your interface as well. A quality but affordable interface is the AudioBox USB from Presonus, and will enable you to record two mics at once.

Recording Software/DAW

It’s up to you whether you want to invest in a flashy digital audio workstation (DAW) or stick with free versions. Check out our list of DAWs for professional quality audio, if you’re struggling to decide. Pro Tools is a popular choice, but equally many pro podcasters stick with Apple‘s totally free GarageBand.


Sure, you could record your podcast without headphones. But do you want to spend an hour working on an episode, only to listen back and realise there’s an annoying buzz all the way through? Using headphones allows you to catch any mistakes, and hear what is actually being recorded. A great budget pair is the ATH-M30X from Audio-Technica.


This may seem a tad obvious, but you of course will need a laptop or computer of some sort to capture your podcast. You can probably record and upload your .mp3 files with any computer. But, if you’re wanting something that can handle a decent DAW, or indeed wish to use GarageBand, then a MacBook is a strong choice, although maybe less budget friendly.

It’s not equipment, but it is still essential for creating a brilliant podcast; royalty free music! Sign up to Synchedin today and get access to a huge library of royalty free music for your podcast, as well as royalty free and CC0 SFX!