Whisk Guy, from the iconic moment in Come Dine With Me, has done an Ask Me Anything on Reddit. Learn why all content can be great content here!

A British television staple, Come Dine With Me is the television show that pits contestants against one another in a bid to win £1000. The aim of the game is to host the best dinner party, which will be judged on the cooking as well as how enjoyable a night it was. The show is beloved for its bizarre characters, awkward moments, and catty bickering.

There have been some great moments throughout the 17 years of this show airing, but so many Brits will instantly know what you’re referring to if you ask about, “whisk guy”. Here is that moment in all its glory.

Whisk Guy AMA

Reddit is a weird and wonderful place. You can join communities, network, and stumble upon some real gems. Just about anyone can get involved on Reddit. The result is some wonderfully interesting and entertaining content.

Last week The Whisk Guy invited the Reddit community to ask him anything, prompting some insights about that moment.

If you were wondering whether the whisk got put back into the mixture… it did.

My first question to ask Whisk Guy would simply be, “why?” I was certainly not alone. According to Kev, aka Whisk Guy, he just wanted to try and make the producers laugh. “It was a spur of the moment thing to make the producer of [the] show laugh while we were cooking the vegetables. I didn’t think they would include it!”

Lots of users hopped on, not to ask questions but simply to thank Kev for such a funny and iconic TV moment.

Living in Burnley, UK, Kev gets recognised every day on the streets. Although, he said it’s difficult to tell if that’s thanks to TV fame, or just because he’s a familiar local face.

Kev seemed a little disappointed at not making a penny from royalties from the millions of views his kitchen utensil ridiculousness racked up. However, one Reddit user suggested he raffle off the whisk involved, as he’d probably make a decent amount of money from it. His response was:

“I have genuinely toyed with the idea of raffling it off for money to support the Pendleside Hospice. They’re a local charity doing great things and anything to help them is a bonus to me… Might see if that’s a viable option!”

Whatever Works

If you’re working on an independent film, or maybe you’re struggling for ideas for your YouTube channel, remember Whisk Guy.

Content comes in all shapes and sizes, and all levels of serious and silly. Don’t get too caught up trying to create a fully fledged masterpiece. You could film yourself messing around, and stumble upon something genius in the process.

Whether you’d call Kev a genius or not for his whisk antics, we can all agree that a moment’s madness has resulted in televisual gold!