We live in the age of connectivity, and now you can even stay linked up with your barbecue. That’s right. Read more about the smart Wi-Fi grill here.

Weber is a company with a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to grills and barbecues. Synonymous with barbecue innovation, it’s no surprise then that they have expanded their range to smart gas grills. If you’re a keen cook who loves filming food videos, then maybe having a go on one of these Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled grills would be great content for your channel!

The company already offers a line of iGrill thermometers, so bringing internet connectivity into grilling isn’t a completely alien concept. The Weber smart grilling hub is another nifty gadget that connects straight up to your smartphone, notifying you when your meat is perfectly cooked. How life changing a smart grill is, however, is a little more questionable. Keeping an eye on your burgers or steaks doesn’t seem too difficult really. But, some people take grilling incredibly seriously – absolutely no judgement here. The digital interfaces and smartphone connectivity are fun and helpful features for those just starting out their grilling careers. The accompanying app offers step-by-step cooking guides, as well as providing recipes and instructions, making grilling a breeze.

Furthermore, on a very practical note, the display lets users know just how much gas is left in the tank and when it is running low. Some models also come with LED lighting, for nighttime grilling, as well as a handy warming rack. Depending on how high spec you go, you can expect to spend between $599 – $1,773 on a smart series grill. There really is an app for everything.

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