In the battle of “which website builder should I choose?” we’re looking at Wix vs Squarespace. Who is the best option for newbie website owners?

No matter the reason for starting up your own website, there is a lot to learn and consider. The world of web design and development can indeed be scary and intimidating. There’s a lot of technical knowledge required, and coding isn’t the most inviting looking activity. What do you do then, if you find yourself in need of a professional looking, functional website, without the required skills or expertise?

This is where handy website builders come in. You could pay a developer to build you one from scratch, but this can be expensive. It could work out as a good investment, but if you’re a new-to-the-game content creator or freelancer, you may not have the ready money to support this.

There are a number of website builder options out there. WordPress is a popular choice, but can be a steep learning curve. Fortunately there are lots of great tutorials out there to get you started. However, the rivalry that seems to pop up most frequently is Wix vs Squarespace.

In order to make your decision between the two a little easier, we’ve compiled these informative comparison videos.

If you’re looking for high levels of customisation that is nicely intuitive, Wix is your friend above Squarespace. There is also a free option with Wix, which allows you to dip your toe before upgrading your site.

For websites that will be online shops, Squarespace offers lots of great features including customisable receipts and tax related help.

SEO wizard, Neil Patel has pitted Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress against one another in this video – bonus. Looking at things from an SEO and online visibility standpoint, Neil breaks down the pros and cons of each website builder. This is fantastic if your main focus at the moment is brand awareness and getting your name out there.

Supporting the previous video, Neil also points out that Wix is a solid option for anyone who wants their website to look and function brilliantly on mobile devices.

Another nicely concise but informative video, this comparison breaks down the fundamentals of each platform. It highlights again that Squarespace is a little more restrictive in terms of customisation. Also, Squarespace live updates any changes, rather than giving you the option to publish them when you want, as Wix does.

Wix takes home the point for SEO as well here, enabling you to title pages as you wish. However, if your business is blog heavy then Squarespace may offer you a bit more freedom.