If you’ve been wanting to contribute Synchedin sound effects but are wondering how, we’ve got you! Get all the vital info right here.

Are you a budding Foley artist or someone who has a bunch of cool sounds you’ve recorded? There are loads of creators out there who are just dying to use your sound effects! Creating your own sound effects can be great fun, but for many the time and resources required make it simply unfeasible. Synchedin is excited to be a platform for sound effects, alongside fantastic royalty free music and stock images. We’re inviting you to share your effects with the world, and they couldn’t be simpler to upload.

First thing’s first – you’ll need to sign up and request to become a Synchedin contributor. Once you’ve been through this speedy process and had your request approved, you will be free to start uploading your SFX!

Upload Sound Effects

If you hover over Account in the top right of the page, you should see Contributor Dashboard in the dropdown. This is where you’ll need to head.

You’ll see the option to upload an asset, and will have the option of Sound Effect and Image, depending on how your contributor profile is set up. You can upload batches of up to 10 assets in one go, making the process super speedy and straightforward.

Here, you can give your asset a clear and descriptive name, as well as add categories and tags. You can also indicate whether the asset is loopable, if audio, or not. Do remember to capitalise the title of your sound effects!

How to Tag Synchedin Sound Effects

The Synchedin sound effects catalogue is growing all the time, so you need to make sure your SFX are easy to find.

In order to give your SFX the best chance at being searchable, you should try to add as many categories and tags as you can. You can select multiple categories, which we highly encourage. You won’t need to add tags to each category individually, just add them all using the Add Tag field.

Try to be as descriptive as possible with your title, so it’s instantly clear what can be expected from your sound effect.

More is more when it comes to tagging. We’re talking tens of tags, with variations and synonyms aplenty. Try to include every word you can think of to paint the picture of your sound effect.

Redundant tags, however, would include things like “SFX”, “sound effect”, “Foley”. We already know what sort of asset you’re uploading, our content fairies just want to know what it sounds like!

Again, do remember to capitalise your tags as well.

To the left hand side of the dashboard, you will see a list of potential notifications. This will indicate whether your assets have been dealt with, and if any further action from you is required.