Do you love engaging with your community through YouTube Live? Find out where to get free music to play in the background here!

Livestreaming has become hugely popular now that gathering in person has become problematic. Since Covid-19 swept the globe, we have adapted to socialising largely online. People have taken to streaming on Twitch or Instagram to promote themselves or stay in touch. On YouTube, going live is a great way to connect with your audience in real time. It’s also a smart method for increasing subscribers for free.

Whether you’re hosting a prize giveaway for your business, or you’re vying to take on Joe Wicks’ record smashing PE with Joe, music makes a great livestream that much better. Now, there are a few rules around adding music. Unfortunately, you can’t use any track you like on a YouTube Live stream. So, what music can you use? You need to make sure tracks are in the public domain or licensed correctly. Paying to have tracks licensed can quickly become a costly business.

You can find free music to use in the background of your YouTube streams at Synchedin! Our huge library of royalty free music has the sync license covered, meaning you won’t run into any issues if you use it online. Simply sign up to Synchedin and browse through different moods and genres, or check out our curated playlists. You can even create your own playlists of your favourite tracks, without paying a thing!