Whenever you start a new hobby, getting the right gear can be overwhelming. Here are the best cameras for beginner filmmaking, to get you video-ready!

There’s so much more to good filmmaking than just the equipment you use. You need a good script, story and vision. But, having an incredible vision is no good if you can’t realise it. Limitations caused by using the wrong gear, or simply not knowing how to use the camera, can quickly become frustrating.

Living in a world of seemingly infinite choice is incredible – most of the time. As a student filmmaker, making decisions about equipment when you have little knowledge often feels impossible. Worry not! We’ve got the video to help you build your confidence, and inform your camera choosing.

This fantastic, informative video from Camber Motion will look into some of the best cameras for beginner filmmaking. You can learn about the specifications of some great beginner cameras from Sony and Cannon, their capabilities, and what you can use them for. Options for varying price tags are given, so if you’re on more of a budget, you’re still covered.

Looking for Music for Film?

All good films need a decent soundtrack, agreed? Once you’ve found the perfect camera and nailed all the scenes, you need to add some music. Songs are a brilliant vehicle for storytelling, and can really help to set the tone of a film.

Sadly, you can’t use any music you like. As a beginner filmmaker, you probably don’t have the biggest budget. Sure, you could individually pay for tracks, but music licensing is pretty pricey. You don’t want to sneakily use tracks without paying for them, and get hit with copyright issues later down the line. Using royalty free music means no licensing issues, but where can you get hold of some?

Synchedin offers a huge library of awesome royalty free music, all with the sync license covered. Discover the perfect tracks for your film by filtering your search based on genre, mood and more.

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