If you want to make your latest video super slick, it’s all about the seamless transitions. Check out this video on how you can achieve them!

When creating a short film, promo video, music video, or pretty much any visual project, of course it’s the content that matters first and foremost. However, delicious, sweet lemonade is made out of bitter lemons. What I’m trying to say, is that with clever editing techniques make all the difference. You can transform the most basic video with some creative post-production.

There are plenty of great video editing lessons online. Skillshare, for instance, offers a range of comprehensive courses to suit all skill levels. Alternatively, YouTube plays host to a number of free video editing lesson videos.

Depending on what video editing software you prefer, creating seamless transitions will vary in method. You could stick with classic dissolving effects or sideways swooshing. These work fine for vlogs, depending on your style. However, if you want to create more professional looking, high-end transitions, check out this video.

Super Smooth Seamless Transition

Daniel Schiffer is a videographer with a load of insight and skill. His YouTube channel is full of interesting videos that explain techniques around filming and video editing. This particular video breaks down exactly how he achieved this super slick transition sequence.

The key to achieving this seamless look is the layer effects used. These sit on top of your footage, rather than on it. This means you are able to edit your footage, like speed ramping, without the effect affecting this. Daniel uses Final Cut Pro, an industry standard software.

Even if you use different software, you can take away the concepts used in the video and apply it to your own project. Playing with the timing of footage, and how it is blended together, helps create professional looking, seamless transitions.