Are you a business or brand looking to make a song and dance about themselves? Then here’s where you can find the best music for promo videos!

You might be promoting a new product range, or advertising your brand to a wider audience. Whatever your marketing goal is, you definitely need to add music to your strategy. Adverts, commercials, promos – whatever your preferred term – are incredibly effective in boosting a business. They help brands to communicate their message, become familiar with audiences, and get seen by new people.

All the best promos feature music. It’s one of the key elements of any successful ad. You can try and argue with me on that, but deep down you know it’s true. Think about it. When was the last time you saw an ad that didn’t use music? You probably can’t remember because the ad wasn’t memorable enough in the first place.

Music, whether it’s in the background or a central feature of an ad, is an incredibly powerful tool. It sets the tone, keeps up momentum, and (possibly most importantly) gets stuck in people’s heads.

Benefits of Music in Promo Videos

In case you needed convincing, here are just a handful of reasons why you should be adding music to your promotional material.

  • Help tell the story – music can say a lot of things that words or even actions can’t. At least, in a short space of time. Music is an amazing signpost for moods and emotions, so if you want to set the tone quickly, music will do that.
  • Convey your brand personality – Is your business identity serious? Sassy? Silly? Using the right music can help audiences identify your brand personality, helping them to relate to you and also know whether you’re the brand for them.
  • Play on emotions – You know those charity adverts with the sad limping donkeys set to sorrowful strings? The imagery alone is enough to upset you, but it’s the music that really hammers things home. By reinforcing your emotions with music, these ads compel you even more to donate or take action.
  • Engage audiences – It might be selling people short, but generally these days our attention spans are short. We like bright colours, movement, and sounds. Music will immediately prick peoples’ ears up and get them to pay attention.
  • Hookability – Any music that has the power to become a stubborn earworm is promotional dynamite. That’s why jingles are so popular and effective. We’ll often refer to commercials as “the one with that “bla bla” song in it.” Using a catchy song in your promo increases the chances of it being on someone’s mind an astonishing amount.

Find Music for Promo Videos

For larger companies, using mainstream popular tracks might be an option. The type of ads you see on TV, for example, have had eye-watering amounts of money pumped into them. For smaller businesses, music licensing costs can be pretty unattainable.

Sadly, you can’t just use someone else’s track without permission. Especially for a promo video. Imagine if you did, and your promo video was a huge hit and drew loads of traffic to your site or new customers to your brand. But, then you were hit with a lawsuit from the record label whose song you stole. It’d kind of put a dampener on things, wouldn’t it?

That’s why royalty free music is a great option! It’s the perfect solution for those with more limited budgets, who still want quality songs that’ll sound great alongside their promotional video content.

Synchedin offers a huge library of royalty free music, from an array of fantastic independent artists. There’s music covering loads of genres, from disco to dubstep, mariachi to meditation music!

You can filter through tracks by selecting the

  • Mood
  • Genre
  • Vocals
  • Instruments
  • Sub-genre

Save your favourite finds in your very own collections, so all your music is easy to grab whenever you need it. Plus, if you need a helping hand to get you started, you can check out some Synchedin curated collections. Have a listen through Stylish Tracks for Commercials, Upbeat Advert Music, or Cheerful Tunes for Adverts to get inspiration for your next promo video.

All this music for promo videos is safe to use online, including YouTube, since all the appropriate licensing is covered. No need to fret about copyright claims or DMCA notifications, even for commercial projects.

Subscribe to Synchedin today to get access to unlimited downloads from the entire catalogue, and polish off your promo videos to perfection!