There’s no denying that lofi is a solid music trend online right now. Here’s where you can grab some super chill royalty free lofi music!

When we say “lofi” these days, images of anime girls studying next to rainy window panes, and sounds of digitally produced vinyl crackle are conjured. Somewhat of an internet phenomenon nowadays, the origins of lofi can be traced back to the 1950s.

Simply the opposite of hifi (high fidelity), lofi can be defined as “an unfavourable signal-to-noise ratio”. Lately, lofi is far from unfavourable. The audio aesthetic of DIY is purposefully sought and created across multiple genres. Whether it’s lofi bedroom indie rock, as can be found in BIRTHDIY artists, or lofi beats like BLANKET RAIN produces.

If you’re creating content, be it vlogs for YouTube, or short form videos for Reels and TikTok, it’s vital you add music. Giving your videos a soundtrack helps to engage viewers, set the tone, and maintain momentum. Without it, content can be stilted and even boring to watch.

Unfortunately, you can’t just grab someone else’s music and use it in your videos. I mean, you can, but you will end up running into some copyright issues – especially on YouTube.

That’s where royalty free comes to the rescue. And, if it’s royalty free lofi music that you’re specifically seeking, that’s where Synchedin comes in!

Royalty Free Lofi Music

On Synchedin you’ll find collections aplenty. With more royalty free music than you can shake a tambourine at, we’ve organised tracks to make your life easier. Got a certain type of song in mind for your content project? Simply head to the collections page and browse through our carefully curated playlists, with collections to suit all kinds of needs.

Of course, there’s the Royalty Free Lofi Music collection. This collection is full to the brim with ambient sounds, laid-back beats, and relaxing chillhop. If you’re into that deliciously warm crackle effect, or the retro hissing of tape cassettes, we’ve got you covered.

Find tracks from fantastic independent artists such as Borrtex, Vannorte, and j brij. Every single track comes with the sync license side of things covered. That means you get high quality songs for your content, with the copyright stuff guaranteed.

No reading through loads of confusing contracts or agreements. Say goodbye to trying to get your head around tricky terms and conditions. All you have to do is listen, download, and off you go!

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