There are lots of things you can try to get more views, but sometimes the simple ways are the most effective. Here’s how to title a YouTube video to get more views!

YouTube is home to all sorts of content. Pretty much anything you can imagine, there will likely be a video on there about it. From cooking channels, to travel vlogs, to the downright bizarre – it’s all there. This means that whatever content you’re creating stands the chance of becoming popular and heavily watched.

If you’re creating content for YouTube, your motives may be popularity, creative satisfaction, or maybe you want to earn money through YouTube. Whatever it is that drives you to upload more videos, you’ll surely have the goal of increasing views.

Whilst you can experiment with different content that might be received better, there are simple things you can try to increase your view count. Understanding YouTube analytics helps you unlock a world of clever tactics that can be used to give your channel the boost you’re aiming for.

How you title a YouTube video has a large effect on increasing the searchability of content and thus the amount of views. It all comes down to SEO and YouTube rankings. So, what makes for an enticing title?

Grab Attention

Wishy-washy and uninteresting titles aren’t going to lure anyone in to watching your content. Your video titles need to have a strong element of intrigue and the ability to catch someone’s eye.

There is, however, a line. You want to grab attention, but you don’t want to seem click baity. Taking a moment in your video and emphasising it in the title is a great way to grab attention without misleading anyone.

The Indie Projects do this with their titles incredibly effectively. In this example, they magnify something they have been worrying about, using hyperbolic language to dramatise things. This immediately makes the reader question what could be so awful, leading them to watch the video to get the answers.

Use “Without”

People like to cut corners. Maybe not in all aspects of life, but even the most fastidious perfectionist will be attracted to a shortcut now and then.

Clever language tricks can convince people to watch your videos. One of these tricks is the use of the word “without”. For example, “How to renovate a house WITHOUT spending a thing”, or “Increase muscle mass WITHOUT joining a gym.”

Titles like these offer a secret hack or game changing answer that a reader will immediately want in on.


Similar to the “without” trick, how-to titles offer a solution to a problem.

Putting “how to” in the title tells people that they could learn a skill or gain knowledge by the end of the video. We’re selfish beings, and we’re far more inclined to complete tasks or activities if we stand to gain something as a result.

So, instead of “I attempted to tile my roof”, opting for “How to tile your roof as a complete beginner” is going to appeal to a wider audience, and likely increase views. Even if you don’t ever plan on tiling a roof, the attraction of gaining some information, no matter how irrelevant, tends to be strong enough to incite a click.


Keywords are words that highlight what your content is about, but also will help YouTube to identify your content and make it searchable. They are also what can help your video to rank highly in search results, as well as get recommended to people at the end of other videos.

If you upload a video about a particular video editing technique on Premiere Pro, one of the main keywords should be “Premiere Pro”. By using this in your title, as well as your description and metadata, you’re immediately signposting what viewers can expect from your content. If someone is browsing for Premiere Pro tutorials, they’re more inclined to click on a video with the name of the software in the title.

Making the searchability of your video as simple and streamlined as possible will all go towards boosting views.

Keep It Snappy

If you can do research in how to title a YouTube video, you may think a YouTube video should be lengthy and detailed. This is only half correct.

To get the optimum title, you need to include vital details and instantly convey what your content is about, but in less than 70 characters or so. With so much content on YouTube (billions of hours worth of video) people search for content speedily. As attention spans shorten, so too must the titles of videos.

Try to include your keywords, construct the title cleverly, and get your point across without any waffle or filler.

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