If you’re keeping your content mellow, we’ve got the collection for you! Check out some of Synchedin‘s finest Chill Electronic, available to license now.

The world is loving short form video content at the moment. With that, comes a push for fast-paced, ultra engaging content. It’s easy to think that you might need to amp things up in order to pull in views on TikTok or gain subscribers on YouTube.

This isn’t necessarily true. With short form, it makes sense to pick up the pace, since you have a shorter time to pack things into. But, there’s still a place for keeping things chill. Everyone still loves a cool tutorial, transformation, or straight up satisfying video. This is the type of content that viewers can sink into, gradually becoming more and more hypnotised by what’s on their screens.

If you like making tutorials, or just want to soundtrack a particularly laid back video, chill electronic is a trendy and downtempo option.

Chill Electronic Collection

At Synchedin we’re all about giving creators choice.

Chilled music doesn’t have to be calm, collected classical compositions, or softly plonked piano keys. Nor is it exclusive to gentle plucked nylon guitar strings and sweetly sung vocal melodies.

You can absolutely nail the sweet spot of modern sounding electronic music that is easy going and laid back. And we have a whole collection to showcase just that!

Whether you’re looking for minimalistic downtempo tracks, or groovy chillhop tunes, this collection has your royalty free music needs covered. Enjoy music from brilliant independent artists like Sizzle Bird, Kodomo, and Cloudy Cat.

Every single chill electronic track is available to license in any kind of content project, both personal and commercial. So, if you want to add music to a promo video or just give your latest video review a backing track, you’ll find something here.

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