Whether you are building up a business or growing your personal following, there are some key strategies that will help you gain Instagram followers fast.

Instagram is an incredibly powerful social media tool, and is the perfect way to market yourself or your business in a fun and simple way. We are going to run through just a few easy tips to gain followers fast!

Be Consistent

Although there is a lot to know about Instagram, in the simplest terms the more you post the more likes and followers you could get. Businesses and accounts that get into a regular habit of posting tend to see better results and a higher engagement rate from other users. Similarly, liking and engaging with comments on other accounts can help to boost your following. By commenting on posts from similar or related accounts, you are virtually showing your face within the Instagram community and making yourself known.

Tell Stories

Instagram is now more than just a photo sharing service; the stories feature launched in 2016 and has been incredibly popular. Although stories only last 24 hours, they are a very useful tool for experimenting with new content and taking creative risks, and even allow you to tag others and include business links. You can make your stories even more slick and engaging by adding music to them – check out our post on how to do this!


The community aspect of Instagram is an invaluable element that will guarantee a rise in followers. By collaborating with similar or related businesses/accounts, you are reaching a new audience whilst also providing exciting, new and relevant content to your existing followers. Account takeovers, product giveaways and referrals are just some examples of strong collaboration strategies.

All Hail Hashtags

A fast way to gain Instagram followers is hashtags.

Hashtags are a feature used across many social media platforms, but they are an integral part of Instagram’s fabric. They enable you to categorize your content and allow it a greater chance of being discovered. People can follow hashtags that interest them, meaning they, and many others, may see your hashtagged content. Remember, the more hashtags the more people stumbling across your posts!

Pick Your Moment

It is widely supposed that there is a golden window for posting content on Instagram in order to ensure optimum visibility. Though there are many factors to consider, such as time-zones and cultural impacts, studies have suggested that between 11am – 1pm and 5pm – 7pm on weekdays are the best periods for posting to your feed, as many people will be scrolling during their lunch break or heading home from work.