Fruit & veg is most often associated with getting your five a day. But fresh produce also makes for great horror and gory sound effects. Learn more here!

Disguising vegetables usually involves sneakily blending carrots and broccoli into pasta sauce in order to trick a toddler. However, the likes of rhubarb and courgettes are living a double life you may not have considered before. When creating your own sound effects, it’s a good idea to surround yourself with all kinds of tools and utensils. But when it comes to recreating fleshy tearing sounds or chilling bone snaps, fruit & veg is your best bet.

Foley artist, Ronnie Van der Veer told Vice that snapping leeks makes for great finger snapping sounds. Van der Veer explained that the key to good Foley is fitting in a way that means the sound don’t necessarily stand out. If the effects are well done, they should fit seamlessly with the visual. However, this does not necessarily mean you have to recreate the sound of things, with those things themselves. I’m not sure how many people would volunteer for that job.

The humble tomato has many uses. One of those could be being used to create gruesome fleshy, juicy sounds by being crushed in someone’s hands. Fun fact about celery: you burn more calories eating it than it contributes to your body. Another fun fact, celery sounds just like breaking bones when snapped. Peeling fruit like oranges and tangerines are a strong choice for fingernails being pulled off or skin being flayed (we said it was gory).

So, if you fancy trying your hand at gory sound effects, head to your kitchen cupboards first. Once you’ve had a play and have recorded some great SFX, why not upload them to Synchedin to share them with the world? Earn money with your SFX and spread the Foley love!