Creating a website as a total beginner is a huge challenge. That’s why we’ve tried to make life easier for you with these website building classes, available on Skillshare!

Learning anything new these days has become much more achievable thanks to online resources. People can learn handy DIY skills through YouTube videos, and just about anything else you can think of. Whilst there are loads of fantastic and educational channels on YouTube, run by experts in their field, Skillshare also has plenty to offer.

A comprehensive online education platform, you can learn game design on Skillshare, or develop your podcasting skills. On top of this, you can also learn how to build your own website.

If you’re a creator or freelancer of any kind, having your own website gives you a real professional advantage. It affords you a solid platform to display your work on, as well as to reach out to clients and colleagues from. Setting one up from scratch, however, can be quite the challenge. You can use website builders like Wix or Squarespace to make it easier, but choosing between the two is another hurdle in itself.

If you’re after someone to walk you through the whole process, then check out any of these website building classes on Skillshare today!

Build Your Website with WordPress

Suzanne Scacca presents Build Your Website with WordPress… and Make Google Fall In Love with It.

Suzanne specialises in web design, WordPress, and SEO strategies, and has used her knowledge here to take the frustration out of creating a site with WordPress. According to this class, all it takes is a premium WordPress theme and a handful of trustworthy plugins to create a search-optimised website straight out the gate.

Build Your Website with Shopify & Adobe Portfolio

Mimi Chao hosts Build Your Website with Shopify & Adobe Portfolio (And No Coding!). The “no coding” aspect being a notable highlight. Building a site from scratch requires some knowledge of coding, which can get complex fast.

Mimi will walk you through each step of creating a beautiful website, which also functions as an online shop. This is perfect for beginner website builders who are small business owners or creatives.

Learn HTML – The Right Way

If you did fancy delving head first into the world of coding, this website building class is for you. Learn HTML – The Right Way is a series of online lessons presented by John Morris, and aims to ease beginners into things and give them a depth of understanding.

This course is great for total beginners who have never written a line of code before, or for intermediates that feel they need a refresher. These skills will enable you to tackle building a website from scratch further down the line, or making changes on WordPress more easily.

WordPress Academy: Learn WordPress Step by Step

Chris Dixon is a web developer and online teacher, so you’re in good hands with him. His class, WordPress Academy: Learn WordPress Step by Step, unsurprisingly, focuses solely on WordPress. One of the more complicated website building platforms, nailing WordPress usually requires a helping hand.

This course is for anybody looking for a career building WordPress websites or themes, or even hobbyists looking to learn a new skill.

JavaScript: Gentle Introduction for Beginners

Another one from Chris Dixon, JavaScript: Gentle Introduction for Beginners is this time focussing on the programming language, JavaScript. This 42-step course is comprehensive, introducing you to JS and eventually helping you to create a user interface with it.

By learning JavaScript you will have the power to add features and interactivity to websites, build large scale full stack applications and create games using one programming language.