The world of content creation and arts isn’t always simple, but we’ve ensured payment from Synchedin is. Find out all about how your earnings work here!

Do you have an eye for beautiful images, an ear for scintillating sound effects, or a talent for musical masterpieces? If so, you have what it takes to become a Synchedin contributor. Whether you decide to contribute images, share your SFX, or have been invited to join the Synchedin music library, you are entitled to earnings for your works.

Although there are one or two slight differences regarding payment from Synchedin, based on the contributed assets, the major details remain consistent.

When Will You Receive Payment?

Payments are sent out between the 15th and 20th of the month.

Are Earnings Paid Pro-Rata?

Funny you should ask that – yes, they are!

Earnings are paid on a 45-day pro rata basis. This means that any earnings generated in August will be paid to you 45 days later, on 15th-20th October.

How Often Will You Receive Payment?

You will receive payment each month, provided your contributions have generated earnings.

Actually, How Do Earnings Work?

So, you will receive payment for your contributions on a monthly basis between the 15th-20th, if you’ve generated earnings. How exactly are earnings generated?

Any time a creator (Synchedin user) downloads your asset, this will add money to a pot. At the end of each monthly cycle, the overall pot will be shared out accordingly. Remember, Synchedin retains a 50% share of earnings.

Example: If downloads generate $1000 in total for the month, and 10% of this came from people downloading your assets, you would receive $50 (10% subtract Synchedin’s 50%).

How Will Earnings Be Paid?

You can decide whether you would like to receive payment from Synchedin via PayPal or bank transfer.

Changing your mind at any time is not a problem – simply get in touch at, and we’ll help you out!

Music & RouteNote

If you are a musical contributor for Synchedin, your earnings will be paid to you in accordance with the rest of RouteNote’s payments.