Any piece of music used in a film or TV show will have been licensed. But, how much does a sync license cost for those blockbuster movies?

What Is a Sync License?

First off, you may need to know what a sync license is. The world of copyright and music licensing can be a technical and confusing place. Fortunately, the concept of a sync license is relatively straightforward.

A sync license is required whenever music is set to a moving image, be it video, film, or video games. In fact, the same applies for podcasts even though there’s no visual (but don’t dwell on that too much). Without a sync license, you run into all sorts of copyright issues. This is why any big productions have to play by the rules, and obtain the appropriate licenses.

How Much Do They Cost?

As you can probably guess, the cost of a sync license varies based on several factors. The size of the project comes into play, e.g. is it a Hollywood blockbuster movie, or an indie film? The artist who has written/performs the track matters as well – are they a huge, established name or a fledgling talent? Lastly, how much of the track will be used determines the cost of the sync license.

The amount paid to sync license a track will be negotiated between the project wishing to use the track and the rights holders of the music. This could be the artist themselves, in most independent cases, however it’s usually the record label.

Costs for a major motion picture can range from $20,000 – $250,000+. Indie films tend to be less, ranging from $2000 – $10,000. Of course, these numbers are not set in stone and vary from project to project.

How Can You Get a Sync License?

You’ve probably gone from wondering how much a sync license costs to, “how on earth could I ever obtain a sync license?”

Luckily, you don’t have to have an enormous budget to add music to video projects. Granted, you may not be able to use Adele’s brand-new song in your short indie film, but there are plenty of options available to you, without breaking the bank.

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