Great lighting can really make a video, so it’s important to pick the right type. Diffused light is a great option, and we’re here to tell you why!

Have you been busy thinking up ideas for new vlogs, or planning your YouTube debut? When it comes to vlogging, you need to think beyond just what the best cameras are. The lighting you use can convey to audiences that you are serious and plan to make a go of your vlogging career. One brilliant option and set up you can choose is diffused lighting.

What Is Diffused Light?

Another name for diffused lighting is soft lighting. This might already make the concept of it more readily graspable. It is light that gets thrown through a filter, which spreads it out and causes it to fall on subjects more softly with less contrast. As a result, there are no harsh shadows or heavily contrasted lines.

Diffused Light & Tutorials

Of course, there are a fair few lighting options that would suit different scenarios. It all depends on what you intend to shoot, and for what reasons. But the key thing to remember is to keep it consistent. If you’re looking to gain subscribers and build a following, you’ll want to keep your aesthetic clear and familiar. This applies even to the thumbnails that will appear on your channel.

If you’re not already familiar with them, LED ring lights are a fantastic tool for achieving diffused light and flawlessly lit videos. Literally a ring of LED lights, they come in all kinds of sizes to suit all needs. They’re a brilliant bit of kit for makeup tutorials. Due to the lack of harsh shadows, the subject’s face is highly visibly, allowing for every detail of the makeup to be seen. This also goes for other kinds of tutorials, like cooking. Like anything else, there are many ways to shoot food videos, but we’ve all seen those bird’s-eye view tutorials, right? Thanks to diffused light, there is always a distinct lack of shadows cast by the chef’s busy hands. It wouldn’t be much of a good watch if the delicious brownies we were learning to make were darkened and hidden.

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