If the music you make is 100% original, or you have used non-exclusive samples in your music, you’re probably eligible for YouTube’s content ID.

What is Content ID?

YouTube’s content ID system uses sound assets and matches them to any video on YouTube that is using the same asset.

What happens to the YouTube video?

It receives a copyright claim on your behalf. The video is then monetized if it isn’t already, and the earnings for your asset is paid to you.

Copyright claims differ to copyright strikes – If a claim is placed, the copyright holder has the option to strike the channel, however this is rare.
For more information on copyright claims and copyright strikes, check out our blog on the differences between the two.

How to get your music on Content ID

Head to RouteNote, create an account and start uploading your music! Select YouTube as a store, and wait for your music to be approved by the moderation team.

Once your music has been approved, it should be available on content ID within 7 – 14 days.