We’ve got some smooth R&B, fresh out the box, for you. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is the mellow Only With You by Hilton Wright II, Ray Gifted Keys!

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight comes from some serious talent. It’s only spent a few days in the public arena, and we can already tell it’s going to be a biggie. Only With You is produced by the multi-award winning, platinum & gold certified R&B producer, songwriter, and composer Hilton Wright II. Hilton is skillful in taking an uncapped, fresh approach to music, whilst weaving in inspiration from previous greats. Providing the passionate and powerful vocals on this track is the multi-talented Ray Gifted Keys. The recording artist, poet, and musician is making a serious splash with her music, and it’s not hard to hear why.

Only With You opens with those perfectly executed vocals from Ray. Steady electronic drums, sitting just behind the beat, act as a guiding hand to gently pull you through this aural sauna. The vinyl crackle effect results in guaranteed warmth throughout the track, giving it a gorgeous retro quality.

Layers of atmospheric synth and distant vocal harmonies fill the space, creating a soft bed for the romantic and charged vocals in the chorus. Ray’s strong delivery and vocal agility, along with gently tinkling piano, sends us straight back to the 90s and classic R&B.

A sense of frustrated yearning comes in the second verse, “I try to leave time and time again”, but with a hint of pleasure. Then, we head into another pre-chorus. Underlying soulful vocal harmonies amp up the emotion of Only With You, whilst masterfully maintaining the crispness of the track.

Moving into the etheral, we lose the drum track momentarily and are treated to Ray’s vocals laid bare. A sense of vulnerability arises, however the Ray’s irresistible vocal texture reinstates a feeling of power and passion. Hilton has balanced each ingredient of this track, allowing each one an opportunity to shine through.

Only With You closes with full gusto from the vocals, returning beat and accompaniment from acoustic guitar, which almost acts as an emotional signpost for tenderness and sincerity. A fade out sees the song end with lingering sentiment, and is a beautifully non-abrasive and soothing close to the piece.

You definitely won’t want to miss anything from Hilton Wright II in the future, so be sure to follow him on SoundCloud and Instagram. Plus, if you fancy checking out other works Ray Gifted Keys is involved in, follow her on SoundCloud and Instagram too.