Sharing could be getting a whole lot easier, with an Instagram link sticker being trialled on stories. Learn more about the new feature here!

Instagram is so much more than just pretty pictures and taking a peek at what people are snacking on. It has become a powerful social tool, pretty much birthing the influencer. Businesses also make use of its persuasive properties by incorporating Instagram into their marketing strategies.

Up until now, the ability to share links has been reserved for those with at least 10,000 followers or the blue tick of validation, erm I mean verification. But, could this be changing?

A new test to potentially widen the ability to share links is being narrowly rolled out via an Instagram stories link sticker. In order to link to an external site on the app, users normally have to swipe up to bring up a new page. The new Instagram link sticker will function just like the swipe up, but with a tap instead.

This isn’t the only test taking place on Instagram at the moment. An experiment regarding the ability to add feed posts via the desktop version of the platform is underway.

The link sharing test is being kept small for now. Instagram is keen to see the type of links being shared and how users interact with them. A weather eye will also be being kept on whether people use the links to spread misinformation or spam.

 Instagram’s head of product, Vishal Shah has explained that a link sticker fits more into the way people currently use the platform. He added that “from a simplicity of system perspective, [it] also makes a lot of sense”.

At the moment, it’s unclear whether the Instagram link sticker will be available to everyone or be exclusive, as the current swipe up is. If the feature is rolled out to everyone, the opportunities provided could change the way small businesses use the app. It could also foster a more generous spirit amongst content creators, and be an overall positive change.